Why Are Your Car’s Tires in Bad Shape So Quickly?

It is so frustrating when your car’s tires seem to be wearing out way sooner than they should. It’s also way more expensive than you probably want it to be. Lakelands Tire & Auto understands that feeling and wants to help you to understand what factors might be shortening the life of your tires.

Improper Tire Inflation

Having the right air pressure in your car’s tires is essential, but it’s easy to overlook. If you’re someone who waits for the car to tell you that one or more tires are low, you might want to change your approach. Checking your tire pressure yourself a few times a month helps you to not only make sure the air pressure is correct, but you get a chance to check out the tread, too.

Skipped Wheel Services

Wheel services seem like something you can just ignore, but don’t. Your car needs wheel alignments, tire rotations, and wheel balancing on a routine basis. These services help to preserve the tread on your tires and they also ensure that the rest of your car stays in good working order. Your car’s engine, for instance, relies on your wheels and tires being in good shape.

Mechanical Issues Elsewhere

Your car’s systems all work together, so if there are mechanical problems in the steering system or suspension, that can dramatically affect how the tires wear. The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure that you’re staying up to date with recommended services for your car. There’s a schedule in the owner’s manual if you want to see which services are recommended to be done together.

Your Driving Habits

It might feel as if your car is judging you, but how you drive really does affect how well the tires wear. When you drive aggressively, that adds to the wear and tear on your tires and it can cause the tread to wear down unevenly or faster than it should. Stopping suddenly and taking corners too quickly can also wear away faster at the tread on your tires.

Whatever you need help with, whether that’s new tires or repairs to your car, Lakelands Tire & Auto in Greenwood, SC is here for you. Just contact us today for an appointment and we’ll be happy to troubleshoot the issues that your car is having. From there, we’ll recommend the best course of action to get you back on the road again quickly.

Photo by Bill Oxford from getty images via Canva Pro