DiagnosticsIt can be daunting when you are driving along, and suddenly the check engine light comes on. There is no need to worry. The check engine light coming on just means there is something wrong with the engine, and it should be looked at by a professional. Lakelands Tire & Auto has the equipment and skilled technicians to diagnose and repair any issues the check engine light presents. There are general auto parts stores that will provide free code pulls, but that does not tell you anything. The check engine light provides a code, and you need technicians that can use their skills and experience to determine the solution to the problem. We have those technicians since our staff consists of ASE-certified technicians to provide our customers with the best automotive service experience.

Vehicle Diagnostic Process Greenwood SC

The first step in the process is to determine the issue. Our mechanics use state-of-the-art technology to read the code and identify the problem. The next step includes you, our customer. We keep you informed of all findings, diagnoses, and recommended solutions. You make the final call. No repairs will be performed without your approval first. Once you approved the repairs, our mechanics get to work. We strive to make the automotive repair process convenient and as easy as possible for you.

When Do I Need A Diagnostic Test?

Generally, the best time to get a diagnostic test performed is when the check engine light comes on, and that is as easy as giving us a call or setting an appointment online, but when should you get a diagnostic test if the light is not on? You could not go wrong with a diagnostic test if:

  • Your vehicle’s MPG (miles per gallon) has decreased
  • You notice a decrease in performance
  • Strange noises coming from underneath the hood
  • Something just feels off with your vehicle

As the vehicle owner, you, most likely, spend a reasonable amount of time in the car. You are one of the best people to notice an issue with your vehicle if you know what to look for.

Vehicle Diagnostic Near Me

Next time you need a vehicle diagnostic service in Greenwood, SC, give Lakelands Tire & Auto a visit. Give us a call or set an appointment online for diagnostic service and get your vehicle back to how it should be performing. We offer dealership quality services are that wonderful family-owned price. We believe in honesty, quality, and professionalism.

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