What Does Your Car Need in Order to Be Ready for Summer?

Everything feels a little bit different in the summer. The air is a little crisper, the humidity jumps, and the sun is ever present. That’s why it’s especially important to make sure your car is ready for what summer has to offer and Lakelands Tire & Auto can help.

Do a Tire Check

Doing regular tire checks is something that should already be part of your routine, but it’s especially important when the seasons are changing. That’s because summer often brings with it higher temperatures and some changes in precipitation, too. All of that can mean that tread that’s too worn or that’s worn unevenly won’t fare well on the roads. If you’re getting close to needing new tires, now might be the perfect time to make the change.

Check Fluids, Too

Your car’s fluids are really important all the time, but as the weather starts to change, it’s vital to get those fluids checked. You need to make sure your car’s antifreeze is topped up, and it’s always good to check the oil levels, too. But don’t forget about other fluids, like your windshield wiper fluid. You may find that having a clean windshield becomes much more important when the weather is not so great.

Get Your Battery Inspected

Without your car’s battery, it’s not going to fire up and you’re not going much of anywhere. It’s easy to forget about your battery, though, especially if everything seems to be working just fine. Taking the time to get the battery fully inspected ensures that you’re never caught by surprise with a dead battery.

Make Sure Your Lights Work

Your lights are a massive safety feature for you and for other drivers. The bad news is that you’re not always able to see or to test all of your lights by yourself. It can help a lot to have someone help you scope out each light to make sure they’re functional. That’s also something that we can do for you, especially if you need help with making sure other aspects of your car are ready for summer’s changes.

We’re happy to help with all of your auto service and repair needs at Lakelands Tire & Auto in Greenwood, SC. Call us today to set up an appointment and we can help you with everything from making sure your car is ready for summer to getting you back on schedule with regular oil changes.

Photo by thodonal from Getty Images via Canva Pro