Do I Have a Faulty Transmission?

The transmission system in your vehicle is vital for proper functioning, as it turns the power from under your hood into torque that can make your vehicle drive, and if you didn’t have a working transmission, you couldn’t get anywhere! And because the transmission is pretty complex, it’s often misunderstood by many drivers, and even some mechanics! That’s why it’s important to have proper transmission care done by a team of mechanics you can trust, and to be as informed as possible about your transmission, as well as recognize the signs of trouble so that you can get any issues taken care of as soon as they occur.

Why Your Transmission is Important

Your transmission is responsible for making sure that your wheels are given the right amount of power and speed from your engine, so that you don’t go too fast or too slow on the roads by shifting the gears of your car. Additionally, the transmission also helps prevent your engine from overheating, so that you can stay safe while you’re in the driver’s seat. The transmission has an important job, so keeping up with it’s needs is vital to having a vehicle that functions properly.

Signs of a Faulty Transmission

Knowing the ins and outs of your car is important, and it’s part of being a responsible driver. For your transmission, there are few key signs that you can look out for to know if you’re in need of repair or service. Some of these signs include:

  • Trouble moving the gear shift and changing gears
  • A burning smell coming from under the hood of your vehicle
  • Hearing grinding sounds when you accelerate
  • Your vehicle leaking fluids
  • One or more of the service lights coming on in your dashboard

Recognizing those signs is important, and it can really make or break your car. And at the first sign of trouble, don’t wait around, bring your vehicle in to see mechanics you can trust to get the job done right so that you can take on the roads with safety and confidence!

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