Is it Possible to Keep Your Car from Overheating?

There’s a lot going on under your car’s hood, and much of it consists of activities that create lots of heat. You definitely don’t want your car’s engine to overheat, though, and Lakelands Tire & Auto has some tips that can help.

Check the Coolant Levels Regularly

Your car’s engine relies on a combination of systems to help it stay cool, but the heavy lifting belongs to the cooling system. Coolant, also called antifreeze, is the main player in the cooling system. If your car’s engine doesn’t have enough coolant circulating, then it’s not able to keep up with the heat the engine produces as it runs. It’s really easy to peek under the hood and make sure that the coolant reservoir is filled. Doing that even once a month can help prevent overheating.

Pay Attention to Maintenance

If you’re sticking to your car’s recommended maintenance schedule, you’re ahead of the game. That maintenance schedule ensures that every system of your car is touched and serviced when it should be, including the cooling system. Skipping maintenance can mean that there are issues under the hood that aren’t being addressed as they should be, and that can lead to overheating.

Keep an Eye on the Temperature Gauge

As you’re driving, it should be a habit to consistently glance at the temperature gauge as you’re looking at other gauges on the dashboard. This helps you to notice at what temperature the car typically runs and allows you to easily spot changes very quickly. It’s easy to forget about this when there isn’t any trouble, but if you make it a consistent habit you’re going to be able to respond more quickly.

Respond Quickly to Any Signs the Engine Is Too Hot

And finally, that’s your last tip for keeping the car from overheating. As soon as you notice the temperature climbing on the gauge, take stock of what’s going on. Pull over and let the car cool down. When you can pop the hood, do so and take a look around. If you’re out of coolant, that’s an easy fix. If the problem is bigger than that, hopefully your fast response forestalled big engine damage.

Not sure why your car is overheating? Contact the experts at Lakelands Tire & Auto in Greenwood, SC to troubleshoot for you. We’ll narrow down the cause of the problem and let you know what needs to happen to get you safely on the road again.

Photo by pixelshot via Canva Pro